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We’re delighted to announce our new Digital Asset Management software package for marketing agencies.

Like most agencies these days you are probably dealing with a huge range of different media including images, ads, logos, creative files, audio, and video. We call all these files Digital Assets. Asset Bank allows you to store all these assets in one place and easily share them with your clients, staff and other partners. You can even use Asset Bank to develop your creative work, quickly collating feedback from multiple clients in one central location, continuing to develop the asset until it is ready to be used and shared. In the Agency Asset Bank example below four clients are categorised, Salve, Hoxton, Arthur Lewis and

How Your Agency Asset Bank could look

In addition to your own agency Asset Bank, you can also create mini Asset Banks for your clients, so when they log-in to download an asset or to give feedback on creative work they see their own branded Asset Bank with all the assets you have developed for them. See the example for the client Salve below.


How your client's Asset Bank could look

For your client's Asset Bank you can create presets of popular sizes so they can easily find the asset in the size they need. They can also resize, crop and reformat assets themselves, saving you time on little jobs you might have had to do previously.We already know a few of our agency clients like Decide are successfully using Asset Bank. Visit our agency page to read more benefits. You can also try our agency demo to see how both your agency Asset Bank and your individual client Asset Banks can work.

Agency Asset Banks start from £3,000 for a one-off licence. There is also the potential for you to earn revenue by acting as a reseller for clients who want their own Asset Bank to manage their entire portfolio of digital assets.

Hopefully you can see how an Asset Bank could benefit your agency. Please get in touch for a detailed quote or a guided demo.

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