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Last week we finally got involved in the Brighton Digital Festival Open Studios. We hosted a Digital Asset Management (DAM) event titled; ‘DAM, why didn’t I think of that before’.

Hosting this event was all part of an increased effort by our company, Bright Interactive, to get more involved in the local digital community. We also wanted to spread the word about DAM. If you didn’t know already, Brighton is something of a tech hub, with an ever expanding number of digital agencies, web development companies, software builders, designers, animation houses, 3D experts...we could go on. Digital assets have a central role in the output of many of these companies so we felt we had something relevant to talk about.


Chatting to Natalie from Say Digital and Camilla from Study Group

Having said that, we were the first to recognise that Digital Asset Management was never going to be the most exciting event on the Open Studios calendar, check out inventors Harvey & John for example, so we were pleased to see a good number of DAM enthusiasts turning up on the day, from companies including Cogapp, Say Digital and Wired Sussex. It was also great to meet our client, Camilla from Study Group. 

We started off with a few drinks and then Nick and Mike from the Asset Bank sales and delivery team gave a brief introduction to Asset Bank, the world of Digital Asset Management and it’s important role for anyone offering digital marketing products and services. Then we opened up the floor for questions and an open discussion. We finished off with a few more drinks and pizza.


Choices, choices

Thanks to all who attended, hope to see you again next year.

Click on any of the pictures above or here to see more.

If you want to learn more about Digital Asset Management please get in touch to organise a guided demo.

Lastly we suggest you check out the Digital Festival site for more events running throughout September.

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