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If you didn't know already, Bright Interactive is the company behind Asset Bank. As of the 25th October 2013 we are 14 years old! To celebrate we have compiled 14 reasons why we love working here. 1. We're based in the centre of Brighton, a great place to live on the south coast of the UK, nestled between an award winning beach and the South Downs National park.




Brighton's Royal Pavilion is less than 5 minutes from our office

2. Other than client meetings, we have a dress down policy, allowing us to be ourselves, feel more comfortable and, we think, work harder and more effectively as a result.




Ross sells better when he's Limahl

3. We're allowed to use whatever development tools we want and can choose the development environment of our choice (Windows, Linux or Mac OS).

4. Staff are actively encouraged to get involved in other areas of the business and are not just confined to their core role.

5. The benefits are great including free fruit and vegetables, birthday treats, drinks at the end of the day on Friday, and lots of company sponsored outings.




Birthday Treats

6. The team: it's a pleasure to work with people that really care about what they are doing and most are now friends outside of the workplace too.

7. Our developers are given the opportunity to interact directly with clients, which they enjoy.

8. We are no longer called "BN2 Web Limited" and Directors Eric and Martin no longer buy 2 for 1 shirts or have dodgy haircuts, how about a revival Eric?


Eric-Clack Martin-Wilson

Eric Clack

Martin Wilson


9. Dodgy haircuts aside, we're lucky to have Directors who do not put growth and profit before everything else.

10. Our 9th floor location gives us top views of the South Downs and the English Channel.




Views of the English channel from our office

11. Flexible hours allow you to come in a bit later, leave a bit earlier or have a longer lunch - as long as you make up the time on the same day.

12. We are not micro managed and are instead given a large degree of freedom, as long as we deliver good results.

13. The friendly animals that keep us company - Esio Trot, Alfie, Gladys and the Pips. RIP to our first pet, Buster.


RIP Buster

14. Sometimes clients mishear our name as Bright and Attractive, we wouldn't argue with that...

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