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Managing Brand Assets is a common requirement for Asset Bank clients these days. Global companies want to easily share but also manage usage of logos, images, videos and advertisements.

We have used our digital asset management software to create brand banks for clients including STA Travel and the UK's largest TV channel, ITV.

To help you get a feel for how a brand asset management system can work for your organisation try our new brand asset management demonstration.




With the demo you can see how to easily categorise your different brands and ensure that brand guidelines are visible to all users of your brand bank. You can also use your brand management system to share items such as presentation templates, business cards and any other corporate tool you have in mind.

In addition to our brand management demo, we have also updated our other demo's, there is a university demo, an open demo and a closed demo where you have to enter logins to access, a new video demo of the digital asset management basics and lastly a working example of an e-commerce image management system.

If you would like to arrange a personalised demonstration with one of our sales consultants, please contact us.

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