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Nick Vowles

Nick Vowles

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Digital Asset Management

Seven signs you’re not ready for DAM

Many DAM vendors will jump at the chance to tell you Digital Asset Management software is an essential tool for your business. We’re not one of them. We..
Digital Asset Management

Are you underselling your assets?

We are in the business of helping you to store and share your brand assets. But are you making the most of them on your website? And are you also..
Digital Asset Management

Asset Bank awarded Best DAM for Ease of Use by Capterra

Out of hundreds of Digital Asset Management solutions we’re delighted to have been awarded the Best Ease of Use badge by leading software research site..
Digital Asset Management

New integrations; SharePoint, WordPress and Drupal

Following the launch of our integration with Sitecore we’re keeping up the pace with three new Asset Bank integrations with hugely popular content..
Digital Asset Management

Access your assets instantly in Sitecore

We have a heap of integrations coming your way over the next few months. First on the list is the integration of Asset Bank’s DAM with Sitecore. 
Digital Asset Management

Sign-up for Single Sign-on

We have recently announced new Single Sign-on integrations with Microsoft Azure, Okta and Onelogin. This has given us the opportunity to reacquaint..
Digital Asset Management

Introducing Autotagger

  If you have anything to do with the Martech industry you’ve probably read about the emerging use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in..
Digital Asset Management

PBC boxes clever*

One thing we love about our job is the eclectic range of clients we get to work with. PBC definitely fits this category. Premier Boxing Champions is a..
Digital Asset Management

Latest Asset Bank features. Release: 3.1684

We’re genuinely excited about the latest Asset Bank features available this month. So excited, in fact, we’ve made a video. In this short film we give you..
Digital Asset Management

Internet Marketing Podcast with Asset Bank’s Mike Blom

We’re always keen to get to know other tech companies in Brighton. One of the better known is digital marketing consultancy, Site Visibility, also the..
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