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Emma Pryke

Emma Pryke
With a love for words and a head for marketing, Emma works with the team at Bright to create content that is *gasp* not just about Digital Asset Management! You’ll hear her voice on the Big Bright Podcast and she’s always keen to speak to our clients to get the scoop on what's going on their world.

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We test the best Video Editing Apps for your phone - so you don't have to!

There’s no doubt that video has become the leading format for marketers keen to keep engagement levels high on social media. An uncomplicated way to..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast: How to run virtual events people will actually attend

The world is now online, whether we like it or not! For those whose business model focused on in-person events, things needed to shift pretty quickly this..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

Uplifting podcasts to bring happiness to your ears

Even if your daily commute is walking up the stairs to your spare room there's still plenty of time for podcasts. As of January 2020, there are 850,000..

Top Christmas gifts for Tricky Techies

Struggling for ideas for that difficult-to-buy-for person? If they’re into their tech then we may well have the answer. We’ve picked the brains of the..
Digital Asset Management ranks us as Best DAM software 2021

It was a great end to the year when we heard our flagship DAM, Asset Bank had been ranked in the round-up of the best global DAM providers for..

Canva tips you need to know...

Let's set the scene. Our previous Digital Marketing Manager, Briony was a whizz kid at Photoshop and could knock up a branded asset in minutes. So we got..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

BIG Bright Podcast: Time for a rebrand? Huskii Studio share the telltale signs

Martine Warburton and Andy Broughton formed Huskii Studio after running successful design businesses individually. Both have young families and after..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast!Beyond the logo - How to create a consistent brand

A blurry logo here or a rogue typeface there can erode the strength of your brand identity and it can be hard to keep track of what’s coming and going...

Shutterstock integration with Asset Bank!

The success of digital campaigns rest heavily on the usage of striking and complementary imagery, and no one is better known for providing high-quality..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast: The Audience-First approach and why you should adopt it

In our recent podcast, we welcomed Duncan Copeland, Account Director at Fresh Egg - a Digital Marketing Agency who are driven by customer experience...
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