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We don’t need to tell you that your brand is very important. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors, creates lasting impressions and can help benefit your business in ways you may not even realise.

That’s why choosing the right Digital Asset Management platform to help manage your brand is essential. Not only will you ensure consistency, but you’ll reduce brand risk and ensure your content goes further than ever before.

As a Digital Asset Management software provider, we know we are up against a lot of competition. There are some fantastic vendors out there, all vying for your attention. Which can make the impossible task of choosing the right platform… well, impossible.

So, let us offer a friendly comparison of Asset Bank and Brandfolder; two DAM providers that won’t just aid your business branding, but will offer plenty of useful features and brand-boosting functions along the way.

Asset Bank

Surprise surprise, we’re starting with Bright’s very own DAM solution, Asset Bank.

Being around in the DAM space for over 20 years, Asset Bank has evolved into a fully customisable and highly configurable solution, ideal for big brands with big teams. In other words, if you’ve got complex requirements, you can guarantee Asset Bank will have your back every step of the way.


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A key element to any Digital Asset Management solution for branding is personalisation. Not only for your consumers, but for your teams as well.

Asset Bank has the ability to fully customise your DAM solution to make it look and feel just like your brand. This means that whenever a user steps into your Asset Bank, they’ll be greeted with all your fonts, colour, logos and any imagery that speaks for your brand. Think of it as your digital staff room that’s fully designed and decked out, whilst still meeting the needs of your teams.

If you’re unsure about what your Asset Bank will look like, your DAM consultant can offer a fully-branded free trial to help you evaluate the system further. You can also see some of our public-facing client sites here.

"We love giving clients access to a free trial with their branding applied. We even offer some free consultancy to help them configure it around their key use cases. This helps our potential clients evaluate Asset Bank more rigorously, make their case to senior stakeholders, and ultimately help them work out if this is actually the best solution for them." - Paul Mulvee 

Digital rights management

As a marketer, brand manager or social media specialist, one of the biggest fears is posting content that your brand doesn’t have permission to use. Are we right?

There’s nothing worse than that gut-wrenching feeling when you realise a piece of photography hasn’t been credited. It doesn’t look good for you or your business.

With Asset Bank, you can keep track of any rights and credits directly within the file of your image or video. They will also be flagged at download and you can easily manage rights so that if your license runs out, users will be unable to access the file.



When you're searching for a DAM solution, perhaps the first thing you’ll be considering is the price. Luckily, Asset Bank is totally transparent about its pricing. No need to get in touch with anyone; simply take a look at the pricing menu and discover the different options available to you.

You’ll struggle to find pricing on other DAM vendor’s sites.

Asset Bank is rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Not only do they offer fantastic and thorough onboarding for you and your team, but they have a highly experienced team of Customer Success Managers who’ll be there to offer training and support along every step of your journey.


As the name very well suggests, Brandfolder is the ideal solution for brands. No matter the size of your business, or the industry you sit in, this DAM solution could be just what you’re looking for to set you on the path to beautiful brand consistency.

Ease of set up

You can quickly tell by Brandfolders slick and colourful website that their product will be just as user-friendly. Implementation is easy with Brandfolder and they were even voted the DAM with the easiest set-up in 2016 and still rate highly on G2. Brandfolder offers a nifty ‘getting started’ guide for new users so you can quickly hop on board with your team.

Brand Guidelines

It wouldn’t be a brand folder without brand guidelines.

That’s why Brandfolder are pros when it comes to setting you and your team up for brand success. With lots of helpful resources and expertise around how to deliver successful branding using Digital Asset Management, you can delve into the pool of knowledge and discover how you can maximise your brand’s potential.


Like most Digital Asset Management solutions, it can be a little tricky to find out the pricing of Brandfolder.
You can see that they offer two tiers of pricing on their website - professional and enterprise. Unlike Asset Bank, you’ll need to request a demo to learn more about what your monthly or annual cost will look like.

Asset Bank vs Brandfolder

So, there you have it. A quick overview of how these two competitive solutions are suitable for business branding. As ever, it’s always recommended you take a tour of each product, request demos and get input from the rest of your team before making a final decision.

To discover more about how Asset Bank compares to other DAM platforms, you can check out our comprehensive blog post here.

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