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We have been chatting to a few clients recently and realised not everyone knows we have a client referral scheme.

Well we do!

Full details are on this page but here’s a quick summary.

We actually started our referral scheme in response to new customers telling us they had been referred by existing clients. We wanted to find a way to reward those clients.


Developing a referral scheme in this day and age is a tricky task. It was clear to us that the reward has to be for the organisation not the individual and fit with current corporate social policies. We also ran it by a few of our clients to check it would be valuable.

Its quite a simple scheme. For each client you refer to Asset Bank we will give your company £250 credit to put towards our services including:

  • Administrator training sessions
  • Customer support and upgrades
  • Hosting fees

Though we can’t reward you individually, you’ll be popular with your finance director. So please do refer us if you have the time!

If you are not yet a client, why not take a look at our new reviews page where you can read reviews of our asset management software from a range of large and small clients all over the world.

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