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Like any good Digital Asset Management vendor, we like to associate our product and services with completely unrelated hobbies, then blog about them. And recently, darts have become a bit of a lunchtime obsession with the Asset Bank team.  In fact, the more we’ve played it, the more we’ve seen similarities between the software we create and this truly epic (not to be confused with boring) game. So today we're going to explain how darts — and specifically, classic 80s TV gameshow Bullseye — is like a good DAM system (this video will give you an idea of the show's genius)... 



1. Stepping up to the line

Like stepping up to the “oche” (the line darts players stand behind when throwing), the idea of researching a DAM vendor can seem like a daunting task. But once you’ve made first contact, everything starts to slot into place.

2. Getting comfortable

In the same way that the reassuringly dulcet tones of Bullseye presenter, Jim Bowen, puts the darts contestants at their ease, our Sales & Delivery team will make you feel at ease through the whole installation process.  We're not about sales spiel, for us it's about figuring out if Asset Bank is right for you. Disclaimer: We would like to highlight that the similarities between our Sales team and Jim Bowen end at the dulcet tones. Although Jim is a great man (and we’ve had personal dealings with him recently!) we wouldn't put him in charge of advising on the sale of Asset Bank.


Bullseye legend, Jim Bowen with mascot, Bully the Bull.

3. Taking aim

When playing darts, you should aim for something sturdy and solid to throw  at — ideally, a dartboard (funnily enough). When looking for the right DAM, you should also aim for something sturdy and solid, and Assets Bank's core system is exactly that. The ability to carry out the core functions of uploading, downloading and sharing are essential to any user of DAM. Without this you’ll be left frustrated, because regardless of any bells and whistles your DAM system has, if the core product is not up to scratch (or dart blows) it will massively impact your business. This is why we invest in great developers, plus product development teams who believe in high quality coding and building on Asset Bank’s core stability.

4. Teamwork

Darts is a team game and mutual support is the key to winning. Our consultants will work closely with your internal teams to ensure you get the setup you require.  We don’t just leave you to figure it out — effective partnership is what we’re all about. That's the bullseye! 

5. Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes perfect (darts hero Andy "The Viking" Fordham didn't get to where he is without spending endless nights in the local pub practicing those skills). But unlike Andy, it won’t take you excess hours to master Asset Bank. We’ve designed our system to be as user-friendly as possible, so you should be in a position to pick it up in no time. Plus if you find you need some extra help, our customer support team will be on hand.


Warren from Customer Support. He likes darts. And DAM.

6. Hitting the target

Accuracy is the name of the game when it comes to darts. We also pride ourselves on the accurate way in which our consultants gather your requirements. Also, to stretch the analogy even further (we’re on a roll, after all), investing in a DAM will save time and energy for your team, which they can focus on hitting their targets instead.


7.  'Bang for buck'

Darts is a great game that doesn't cost a fortune to play, making it accessible to many. We also feel that Asset Bank is great value for money across the (dart)board, from the software all the way through to the ongoing support offering.


8. Claiming your prize

Asset Bank’s configuration options are almost as dazzling as the quality prizes on offer on the Bullseye gameshow.  If you’re looking for the cut-glass decanter, his n' hers watches or speedboat of the DAM world, then Asset Bank is for you.


9. One final tenuous DAM and darts link

One hundred and eiiiiiiiighty! (in case you’re wondering, that’s the highest score you can get in darts). Now if only we had a great stat to link this number to. Truth is, we don't. But if you’re looking for core DAM at a great price, we strongly suggest you turn 180 degrees, walk away from the other vendors and give us a call instead (see what we did there). We’re not on the hard sell, but we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the service, the price and the product.. If you’d like to know more about DAM (or even darts), get in touch.

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