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Bespoke Enterprise Solutions

A scalable enterprise DAM solution used across your entire organisation will bring benefits in cost, consistency and new opportunities for sharing assets and ideas. 
A bespoke solution built on top of Bright’s scalable Asset Platform combines the cost savings of pre-built components with the flexibility of custom development.

One single point of truth

One single point of truth

Have you counted how many different DAM solutions you currently use across your enterprise? Probably quite a few. That’s because it is almost impossible to find one out-of-the-box solution that will satisfy the varied needs of all your teams.

With a Bright bespoke enterprise solution you can roll out a single underlying DAM platform but harness the power of multiple bespoke front-ends. Each customised front-end can be accessed by different teams to meet their requirements.

Built for scale and integration

Built for scale and integration

Asset Platform has a microservices architecture has been designed to scale to support large volumes and load. It was developed API first, enabling us to develop extra components to meet your specific requirements and to integrate it with your other systems.

Is a bespoke solution right for you?

Although we use as many pre-built components as possible our bespoke solutions require custom software development, which we run as agile sprints. Therefore these solutions cost significantly more than our out-of-the-box solutions such as Asset Bank or Dash. If you have the budget for a truly enterprise solution that your users will love please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

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Our Products


For medium to large sized businesses, Asset Bank is award winning, feature-rich, intelligent digital asset management software that makes managing brand media seamless, whatever the size of your organisation.

Your digital files are centrally stored and are secure, searchable and easily accessible by anyone you choose - fast.


For smaller teams, Dash is a streamlined, intelligent DAM solution designed specifically for those who need the speed and agility of a more traditional DAM system, but not the complexity.

Using cutting edge auto-tagging, including facial recognition, Dash makes it as fast as possible to upload, tag, share and use your digital assets.