Getting you and your team started with Asset Bank

We all know that signing on the dotted on the line is only the start. With our experienced and committed implementation team, you'll be in safe hands. We'll partner with you from day one to help make the onboarding experience for you and your teams a real success.

By the time we're finished you'll be inspired, excited and ready to make the most of Asset Bank.


What do you get?

Our team have successfully onboarded over 800 clients from a wide range of industries around the globe. We know that every project is unique, but there are proven strategies and best practice advice which we bring to every project to make sure every launch is a success.

We have a flexible offering depending on your requirements - whether you're a metadata maestro or a DAM novice, we'll work collaboratively with you every step of the way.

Our five star training courses are designed by certified online learning facilitators so all of your participants will feel engaged and energised throughout. Whatever support you need, from basic configuration to data migration, our team is ready to help.



For teams that have outgrown a shared drive, our essential onboarding package includes a series of structured workshops to help you configure your Asset Bank to work effectively for you and your team.
We will fully train your administrators to ensure they are comfortable with the application to help your end users get up to speed.


For teams who need their DAM to work harder and provide more value, this tier includes advanced features and additional consultancy support to get everything up and running for you and your teams.
In addition to training your administrators, we'll deliver a bespoke session to your main users to ensure they're ready from day one.


For organisations who need their DAM to provide bespoke solutions for multiple teams, our enterprise onboarding ensures all of your different teams get the support they need from our team of consultants.
This includes multiple training sessions for your administrators and different user groups so participants can enjoy tailored sessions.

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How does it work?

Launching a new digital asset management tool can feel like a daunting prospect but you're in safe hands with us. The system that you configure and launch will often be central to your organisation, and as the "single source of truth" for your digital files, it's important to make sure that the correct information is available.

Our onboarding process is flexible and tailored to your specific needs. We offer a structured approach that will give you consistent bite-sized actions so you never feel overwhelmed. 

Key onboarding phases:

  • Scoping - what's included and who's on the team?
  • Admin training
  • Taxonomy - what information is most important to you?
  • Permissions - what access do each of your users need?
  • User experience - ensure common tasks are quick and easy
  • Launch your Asset Bank

Our onboarding process:

PS Onboarding




Case Study: How Aarsleff brought their brand to life with Asset Bank

In this case study, we learn how Aarsleff Ground Engineering were able to select, implement, and launch a DAM solution within 12 months; revolutionising how they control, maintain and share brand assets across their group of companies in seven different countries.

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It's all about partnership

We like to think you'll be well on your way to getting the best use out of your Asset Bank when you've finished your onboarding. You'll have access to all our helpful resources and videos and our brilliant support team for any questions as you go. 

But we understand that businesses change and your needs may change as well, so if you ever want to change how you use your Asset Bank, simply get in touch and you can talk to your consultant again to make sure you're set up in the best way - even years down the line! 

Read our client case study below to see how INTO University Partnerships and Asset Bank teamed up to do just this.  

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Free Ebook: 
Ten Steps to an Ideal DAM Implementation 

We know that every implementation is a unique project that requires a unique approach, but everyone needs somewhere to start. This guide aims to help you understand how to implement a DAM system into your business and how your onboarding process may work.

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