Drupal Integration

Drupal Integration

Set up an integration with Asset Bank's Digital Asset Management software and your Drupal users will love you. They'll be able to quickly access all your digital assets without ever having to leave the Drupal CMS.

About Drupal

Drupal is one of the leading open-source CMS platforms and is used across a diverse range of industries by organisations worldwide. Part of Drupal's appeal is the ability to configure it to meet the specific needs of an organisation; by taking advantage of the wide array of plugins that are created by the active Drupal developer community.

How does the integration work?

Setting up the Asset Bank digital asset management plugin for Drupal is a breeze. Before getting started, you will need to contact us to purchase the integration. Once we have updated your Asset Bank license, we will help your Drupal administrator to perform a one-time setup, during which you will decide whether or not you want your assets to be copied into Drupal or served from Asset Bank.

After completing the setup, a new "Asset Bank" button will appear within your Drupal CKEditor. We support Drupal 8 and 9, and also Drupal 7 (with the CKEditor).

Drupal Toolbar

Drupal users can now click on this button to open up a standard Asset Bank browser which they can use to search and browse for assets. Once they have found and selected an asset, they can now click a 'Select for CMS' button, which will automatically insert the selected asset into the Drupal CKEditor ready for publishing.

Drupal Editor

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