Our features make it easy for your whole team to access, 24/7, anywhere in the world

A brighter way to work with and manage your digital content files, saving time and money, increasing collaboration, improving efficiency and stopping bottlenecks.

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Supports all digital file types

Just think of a digital file type and you can store it - from images, artwork, video, audio and documents - we've got you covered.
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Bulk upload/update

Save yourself time by uploading files in bulk and add common metadata to multiple assets in one go.
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Duplicate detection

Asset Bank's duplicate detection works at the pixel level, spotting duplicates even when the image is a different size and filetype.

External upload

Send links to external recipients (e.g. photographers) allowing them to send files to your DAM, without the need to login.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Using our Amazon CloudFront content delivery network will help your teams and partners across the globe have the same lightning fast browsing experience.

Test/staging instance

Need some extra reassurance? Have complete peace of mind by using one of our sandbox environments to test out any integrations or updates before applying these to your live site.



Powerful integrations to fit into your existing workflow

Let us fit in with you. From templating to content management systems our seamless integrations save you and your teams time. 

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Asset Bank isn't ours, it's yours. Our team will help you to apply your company's branding including logo, colour scheme and fonts, making a system you'll feel proud to use.

Flexible metadata

Categorise YOUR digital files YOUR way with our flexible metadata options. With options to add free text areas, drop-downs, checklists and keyword pickers, your digital assets will be easy to find.

Create pages and news items

Really engage your teams by adding extra pages to Asset Bank's navigation. Why not inspire them by showcasing your brand story, or simply add quick links to brand guidelines and help your users get where they need to go fast.

Multilingual options

If your teams are based around the globe, make their lives easier by using Asset Bank's multilingual functionality.

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Manage and protect

Flexible user permissions

Get the right people seeing the right content at the click of a button. As an admin of the system, you can easily create user groups and decide what they can see and do.

Organisational units

Get delegating! If your business has global or regional teams then why not delegate administrator responsibility to them by using Asset Bank's organisational units feature? Your regional offices will have the autonomy they need to manage users and permissions whilst still maintaining your core brand.

Approval workflows

There are many reasons why you might want to authorise the upload, download or edits of certain digital files. Use Asset Bank's approval workflow feature to give you more control over how users interact with the site. 

Embargo, expiry dates and versioning

Help avoid the fines and the fear! This is a brilliant feature and helps you to keep right on top of your digital asset collection. Tag assets on upload with embargo, expiry or review dates and receive handy alerts to review before their time is up.


Consent forms

If you worry about consent forms, it's time to stop - we've got you covered. Simply link consent forms to photographs of people within Asset Bank, set expiry dates and create alerts to remind you to review.

Rights management

Wherever your digital assets originate from, stock imagery or photo shoot, there'll be some kind of ownership or licence to consider. You can easily keep track and communicate any licence information or restrictions to your users.

Reporting and audit trails

Really get to grips with how your DAM is being used, who is engaging with it and if there are any areas that need work. View user and group engagement on the admin dashboard, search reports, asset popularity, duplicates and full audit trails.

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Search and Discover

AI (Artificial Intelligence) auto-tagging

We're all about time-saving technology so take advantage of our auto-tagging feature which uses AI to add useful tags to your images.

Auto-complete search suggestions

Just like using a search engine, Asset Bank recommends suggested search terms as you type. Searches are based on any metadata found in Asset Bank.

Saved searches

Save searches to make it easy to find things later and get notified when people upload content matching your saved search criteria.

Promoted collections

If you want to showcase and promote specific campaign assets, a recent photo shoot or simply some topical content to inspire your users - use our promoted collections feature on the homepage.

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Share and Download

Convert files at download

Crop images to preset or custom sizes within Asset Bank and download them ready for use. A brilliant time saving feature for anyone needing to regularly upload images to social channels or websites.

Share files externally

Our lightning fast quick-share feature helps to increase the reach of your digital assets. Send external partners and agencies a quick download link from Asset Bank so that they can download your files, fast.

Share custom galleries externally

To share carefully curated galleries of images, choose our more advanced feature. Rather than just receiving a link to download, your partners will have the opportunity to view a selection of assets and decide which they'd like to download in a size of their choosing.

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Single sign on (SSO)

No need to remember yet another password - Simplify your staff login process by using our single sign on feature. A one click simple step gets them logged in using their work email address.


Get connected to the systems that matter. Our API feature allows external applications to connect to Asset Bank and achieve things including performing searches, retrieving assets, adding assets, adding metadata and more.

Content management system (CMS) integration module

Reduce the back and forth and quickly connect Asset Bank your website's CMS. 

Drupal and WordPress CMS plugins

Get more from your digital content by providing your Drupal and Wordpress users with quick and easy access to your Asset Bank images. Our Drupal and WordPress integrations remove the need to download images from Asset Bank and re-upload them to your CMS. Get more from your digital content by providing your Drupal and Wordpress users with quick and easy access to your Asset Bank images. 

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