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Love Asset Bank? Well why not share that love and treat yourself?
If you recommend Asset Bank to a friend, friend of a friend or even a friend of a friend of a friend.... we'll give you a £50*  voucher to say thank you!


We're not only lucky to work with amazing clients but we're also grateful that you often recommend us to others. So for this we want to say thank you! That's why we've started our referral scheme, so we can give you something to say thank you every time you tell your friends about us.

How does it work?

1) Are you a Client? If you're an existing Asset Bank client you're eligible to take advantage of the referral scheme.

2) Send the referral link. Simply send the link below to a friend outside of your organisation who may be interested in a better way to store, manage and share their digital files. The link tells them a little bit about us, the scheme and offers them a chance to book a demo with us.

3) Receiving your voucher. Once your friend has attended a demo of Asset Bank we will send you a £50 voucher of your choice*.

4) What's in it for your friend? What's in it for your friend?  As well as the pleasure of making sure you get a voucher, if your friend chooses to sign up to Asset Bank within three months of the demo, they will also be eligible to receive 15% off Asset Bank set up fees (including training and consultancy)!

5) What if your friend buys Asset Bank? We'll offer you a free Bespoke Refresher Training Session comprised of content that is specifically chosen for your needs. Great for brushing up on your Asset Bank knowledge and helping you to explore advanced functionality.

We offer this incentive scheme in a way that complies with standard corporate social responsibility policies.

Email your friend

Or simply share this page with them directly:


Can I refer more than one person? Is there a limit to the number of vouchers?

Yes, you can refer up to three people provided that they reach the criteria detailed in our T&Cs below. Of course, if you find you have more than three people looking for an Asset Bank, simply get in touch with us directly to discuss.

Will I get a voucher if they don't buy an Asset Bank?

Yes, the voucher will be sent to you upon completion of a demo of Asset Bank.

How long does it take to get my voucher?

You will receive your voucher within one week of the demo being completed.

*Terms & Conditions

1) Definition of referrer: a current employee of an existing Asset Bank customer.

2) Definition of referred person: a current employee of an organisation with a legitimate need for a Digital Asset Management system.

3) The referred person must participate in good faith in a demo/Q&A session.

4) You may refer up to three separate organisations to Asset Bank. Multiple contacts within one organisation will count as one referral.

5) At all times, we will try to provide that your voucher will be the equivalent of £50, but in your local currency where possible.

6) We reserve the right to withdraw or change this offer at any time.


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